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Parcours European economics and political affairs

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  • Durée: 4 semestre(s)
  • Accessible en: Formation initiale , Formation continue
  • Stage: OBLIGATOIRE(S2)
  • Niveau de diplôme requis à l'entrée: BAC+3
  • Niveau de diplôme validé à la sortie: BAC+5
  • 20210907

Objectifs de la formation

The European Union is one of the most famous actors in the world. In fact, each member state has to apply regulations enacted by the European Union institutions. Each field of the European life is concerned: Agriculture, business, health, environment, persons mobility... It is now impossible to manage a company or to deal in the European market without a basic understanding of the European Union system. Thus, hundreds of jobs are also created each year directly in the institutions (the Parliament, the European Commission, the Court of justice...). Indirectly, there are more than thousand new jobs, in other worldwide
institutions and in the business companies, linked with the European Union. In the public or the private field of the economic life, the European Union takes an important place.

To face the new issues, the Master degree « European and International studies» was created with the ambition to educate the next experts. They have to acquire multidisciplinary competences: economic, finance, law, management, and political sciences.
This Master is a two years program with two educational tracks: Management of European Affairs (MEA) and European Economic and Political Affairs (EEPA).
If you are interested by the European Union and you want to have the best educational program and all the practical competences you need, then join us !

Spécificités de la formation


The M1 (first and second semesters) is devoted to a training on the basis of International Economics and management, European economics and Policies, European and International Business Law, Negotiation and Lobbying Techniques.
At the end of the academic year, students can either undertake an internship in an institution or a company from April to May
(2 months min), or write a dissertation.

The M2 allows students to develop a specialization in the third semester and move to do it in an international partner university.
During the fourth semester, students have to concretely apply the acquired knowledge through a six-month internship in any organization dealing with European affairs.

Compétences visées


The main purpose is to educate future experts and / or managers able to match the highest requirements of companies, institutions or other authorities, which have to deal with European decision-making processes.
These experts will master how the European decisions are made and how they affect the head office in others institutions as in companies.
The Master «European and International Studies» gives students a complete multidisciplinary education in Economics and management. The students in EEPA program will learn the basis of political sciences.
This Master is mainly intended for students who desire a career in an international or European institutions.
It targets also students who have some interest to do research.

Modalités d'admission/ Conditions d'accès

Admission is by application and interview with a jury.

Candidates must have a bachelor degree in economics or political sciences.

Students capacity : 5  students

Opening from 22/03/2021 to 21/06/2021

Results: 30/06/2021

Admission criteria

  • An extensive CV
  • A personal statement, detailing your fields of interest and professional goals
  • Authenticated copies of official documents containing your study results (diplomas/certificates, transcripts)
  • An authenticated TOEFL certificate or equivalent when available
  • Two recommendation letters from your teachers indicating your ranking within your student generation
  • The opening account certificate for Campus France if you need fill this process

Applicants must have Master 1 degree in European and International Studies - European economics and political affairs.

You can't candidate directly to Master 2.


Application :

VAE : You have different degrees, a solid personal or professional experience related to management, you can apply in Master 1 by including the validation form.


UE 1 - International Economics and Finance 6 crédit(s)
UE 1 - European Economic Integration 6 crédit(s)
UE 1 - Foreign Language 3 crédit(s)
UE 1 - Project Management - Course and Workshop 9 crédit(s)
UE 1 - EU Decision Making Process and Lobbying 3 crédit(s)
UE 1 - International Business Strategies 3 crédit(s)
UE 1 - European Monetary and Financial System 3 crédit(s)
UE 1 - Foreign Language 3 crédit(s)
UE 1 - Project magement - Workshop 3 crédit(s)
UE 1 - International Business 6 crédit(s)
UE 1 - Cooperation and EU Identities 6 crédit(s)
UE 1 - International Negociation Techniques and Case Studies in Europe 3 crédit(s)
UE 1 - Internship or Dissertation 6 crédit(s)
UE 1 - Tailored program in a partner university 30 crédit(s)
UE 1 - Internship or initiation seminar of research + dissertation 30 crédit(s)



Bâtiments SH1, SH2 et SH3 Cité scientifique
Avenue Jean Perrin
59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq

Responsable Parcours

DAVID Quentin

Responsable Mention


Secrétariat Pédagogique

Olivier Makunga
03 62 26 85 65

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