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Feedbacks from incoming students

Jemima from Rhodes University, South Africa - student in sociology

"I immensely enjoyed my experience at the university. Faculty members were extremely helpful and the postgraduate students who I met were welcoming and made me feel comfortable, despite my poor grasp of the French language. The various seminars that I attended were enlightening, and it was an invaluable experience for me both personally and academically. I found the people of Lille very generous and friendly, and always helpful when I encountered difficulties in my day-to-day living. The region is rich culturally and historically, so there was much to see and do."

Sena from Galatasaray Universitesi, Turkey - student in sociology

"Overall, i had the best experience about daily life, friends, cultural activities, parties etc. I think that university of Lille is a huge part of the city and it affects how things and life work in here. The population is young and active so you can feel the energy everywhere. Also sociology education of the department was really good. The teachers are open to communicate with the students. i had the opportunity to have courses that i don't have at my home faculty. Also it was an amazing opportunity to see what are the subjects that are focused in france concerning sociology and how the french system works.

Pinelopi from University of Macedonia, Greece - student in economics

"It was a wonderful experience, the teachers, the people working at the international office, the courses and the people i met and the whole experience in general was perfect. I chose Lille because of its strategic location for travelling and because i always wanted to live for a short term of time in France. The international office was very helpful. Always replied to my emails and was always in the office when i needed help in the beginning and in the whole semester as well."

Mayra from Instituto Politecnico Nacional , Mexico - student in economics

"For me, it has been an extraordinary experience. I learned a lot in the classes, I spent a very pleasant time in Lille and they always made me feel part of the Université de Lille, it was like being at home. I improved my level of French and English as a result of being in contact with so many foreign students and the courses offered by the University. Lille always will be very special for me. I lived in Villeneuve d'Ascq and I really liked the tranquility that exists and being so close to Lilliad learning center was an advantage for me, because I loved to being there. It is a very cozy place and despite not being a giant city, there are so many things to do, places to visit and places to eat."

Vanroth from Royal University of law and economics, Cambodia - student in economics

"To the fullest, I have enjoyed every moment given. It was a great experience of a lifetime which i can ask for. How i wish it was longer, everyone is so nice and extremely helpful. In my humble opinion, i prefer Lille than let say Paris. It was a quite town, a better way to enjoy life than a big city."

Konstantin from Sofia University St Kliment , Bulgaria - double degree student in economics

"My international experience in Lille was one of a kind. I met people from all the different corners of the world, everyone with different stories to tell. After the erasmus I made a lot of new friends whom I cannot wait to visit. I got to learn a lot about french economy and social system."