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Faculty of Economics, Social Sciences, Geography and Planning

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Welcome to the Faculty of economics, social sciences, geography and planning!

You are an individual student and you want to obtain a bachelor's or master's degree at our faculty.

Lille offers an ideal study and living environment for students. As a student, you will enjoy excellent study conditions across our campuses that offer numerous associative, sport and cultural facilities.

The Faculty of Economics, Social Sciences, Geography and Planning offers a wide range of programmes from bachelor's to master's degrees. We provide academic and vocational teaching at the highest level, combining theory and practice, with more than 300 professors, lecturers, researchers and external experts. The faculty hosts three institutes: the Institute of Economics and Management, the Institute of Geography and Planning, and the Institute of Social Sciences.

At our faculty, you can enrol in a diversity of study programmes. Students have the possibility of specialising in international economics, applied data science, urban planning and cartography, human resource management, sociology and social development, cultural studies and communication, banking and finance, and much more. We also run PhD programmes in Economics, Sociology, and Geography and Planning. Outstanding foreign students can apply for three-year PhD scholarships. The admission to most study programmes is selective. We cordially invite students to apply and to start their international carrier at our faculty.

A detailed list of study programmes is available here:

We advise you to carefully consult the programme offer before engaging in an admission procedure.
List of programmes in French

The Institute of Economics and Management offers international programmes taught in English:
List of programmes taught in English

Admission procedure & useful links

For details about the admission procedures, please refer to this website and contact the programme’s office called secretariat ("contacts" section in the programme description). You can get assistance in the application and on other matters here: https://assistance.univ-lille.fr/plugins/formcreator/front/formdisplay.php?id=81
Once you are accepted, feel free to contact the Maison Internationale. They can help and inform you about other administrative procedures such as obtaining your student visa.